YAA Capsule Summit - Private LA Event
to Jan 18

YAA Capsule Summit - Private LA Event

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Artists, educators, social entrepreneurs, and Co-Founders of GB Group Creative Inc., Sarah + J. Alex Brinson are at it again and excited to bring arts education to the next level with this new product! An intimate advisory coalition to help young artists build a sustainable, passionate, and financially successful life in the arts comes the Young Artist Advisory.

“Sarah and I have been very fortunate to reach this level of artistic success, it’s very difficult, and many struggle to make it happen and quite along the way. For us, what is success without helping others do the same...and that is what YAA is about! Helping young artists go beyond Sarah and I to achieve their own successful lifetime in the arts.”

“A career or life in the arts, has no clear path to success and literally comes together differently for every artist” Says Sarah. “Attending a college dance program is very common these days, but isn’t necessary for EVERYONE so how will you know if it’s right for you?” 


Choosing a career can take time, but once decided the pathway to becoming a lawyer, a doctor, a school teacher, nurse, or engineer all have moderately clear pathways. If you don’t have parents that are successful artists you might lack the leadership and mentorship needed to make the right directional choices.


Our goal is not only for all YAA fellows to go on to win Tonys, Oscars, or Emmy’s but more importantly to start their life in the arts with a strong understanding of the building blocks that they’ll need to get there + reach their dreams.

We are so excited to invite you - one of only 25 artists - to join us in Los Angeles, CA for this fully sponsored event (JUST SHOW UP)*** The YAA Capsule Summit is the inaugural incubator event for the Young Artist Advisory year long program -- launching fall 2019. The weekend will consist of two days of round table discussions and whiteboard strategy seminars with Sarah and J. Brinson and other leading industry professionals.

***this event is fully paid for and sponsored by GB Group Creative and The Brinson Group Inc.



  • What’s Your Dream?

  • Identifying what path is right for me.

  • How do artists make money?

  • Should I go to college?

  • Leadership in the arts.

  • Business 101 for Artists  - Tax, Accounting, & Finance

  • Creating Your Brand

  • Launching Projects + Building A Company 

  • Health + Fitness

  • Headshot Photoshoot

  • Mental Health

  • + MORE!





  • Time to PLAY!

  • Connect w/ fellow YAA Capsule attendees on a day venture to Universal Studios <3 

  • That’s a wrap! We’ll see you next year!

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