3 easy ways to find great music

3 easy ways to find great music

I get requests often asking ‘where I find my music’ and/or how to find music for choreography so here are three ways to find great (new) music.

  1. SPOTIFY: I LOVE Spotify so much it truly has changed the game in terms of finding great music for an extremely reasonable price point! back in the day we had to go on iTunes, buy a song (from the 30 sec preview) , and hope it would work out. lol it was ROUGH.

  2. SHAZAM: I hear a lot of great music when I’m out and about or at a show/competition. When it’s appropriate — I use the app to grab the song and save for later. Now…Spotify and Shazam integrate so you can just pull up the song and save to your Spotify acct. its great!

  3. YOUTUBE: Youtube is a GREAT way to browse music for free. You can listen and listen and listen, make a list of songs you like and then create a playlist on YT directly or in your Spotify/iTunes account.


Once you find a song you love, you can easily create a ‘radio’ station that will pull TONS of similar songs. I LIVEEEEEE for this! LOL. I love radio stations so much because it allows me to find original music from new/up and coming artists. I’ve included a couple screenshots below to show you step by step: