be messy. start somewhere.

be messy. start somewhere.

There is no such thing as perfect. 💯💯💯 This small but extremely POWERFUL truth is lethal. Since I was a little girl, i’ve struggled with the notion that everything needed to perfect. I believe this stemmed from a combination of things… an early childhood trauma from my parents divorce + later on, my rigorous dance training which as some/many of you are aware — dance/ballet training has SOOOO many rules and SOOOO many things that need to be better in order to achieve the overall goal/ idea of perfection. As a student…my teachers would reinforce the need to be better but a lot of times all I interpreted was there was always something wrong.

As an adult — trying to achieve perfection in my work, socially and creatively has been near impossible and one of my biggest struggles. What even is ‘perfect?’ and how do I move ahead in my life searching for ‘perfect’ when my scope/experience is truly only limited to what I know?

THE TRUTH: Perfection is a vicious cycle. rooted in fear. designed to keep us exactly where we are.

Thankfully with the help of my husband and a few of our mentors, I’ve learned to recognize my perfectionism. And then to challenge myself to be gracious, enjoy the journey, and to just go. to GO before I’m ready because the truth is the greatest discoveries come from starting where we are, making mistakes, + going before we’re ready.

Be messy. Start somewhere.

How do you guys handle/push through ‘perfectionism?’ Comment below :)