green. go. red. rest

Artist + Entrepreneur = Workaholic (haha) but really though… it’s so challenging to know when it’s time to rest, to be ok with relinquishing responsibility and truly letting things go. We are driven by passion and love for our art, yes. But also completely addicted to creating opportunities and products that help people. Who has time to ‘rest’ when the ‘todo’ list is 7 pages long? No, thank you. there is sh*t to be done and if I don’t do it…it won’t get done. Well, let’s back up to about 8 weeks ago…

The honest truth was I was completely exhausted, burnt out, and running on fumes! Loving what I do, as always, but totally DRAINED. And rightly so, 7 years of non stop hustle, non stop traveling, non stop responsibility and as a result —> a BIG BALL of non-stop stress. You may have never noticed on the outside— because when i’m teaching and out with all of you i’m truly in my happy place — living my purpose. But inside…I was tired. The road to where I am today required massive focus, intensity, thinking, and HARD WORK that came with days, and weeks, and months, and years of HUSTLE.

Something HAD to change. I had to rest, rejuvinate, and reconnect with myself. It had been A MINUTE and was challenging at first — I would legit have ‘idea’ withdrawals where I would impulsively start executing an idea or project. J would be like — “Sarah, you’re resting…write it down.”

My last 6 weeks have been spent focused on resting —sleeping (haha lots of sleeping) reading, hiking, watching Netflix (finally), and hanging with J/Auggie.

Initially I set out on an indefinite period of rest and thanks to our AMAZING team at GB (J, Jenna, Annika, and Everyone) I was able to step away. Being in NYC this past 10 days was hugely inspiring and reflective for me — more goodies from the trip comin’ your way…I’m excited to share more about that and what’s next for me — cuz you know there’s always somethin' but for now…i’m continuing to rest. :)

THE TRUTH: If we don’t rest, we get stressed and when we’re stressed, we can’t truly tap into or uncover our deepest, most true selves.

The top 3 reflections of why rest is important to me:

  1. Resting allows me to gain a larger perspective of life and/ or a specific situation that usually yields a better/ more fruitful response.

  2. Resting allow’s me time and space to process and prioritize my ideas.

  3. I’m genuinely happier.

How do you guys prioritize resting? what do you do to rest?