maru coffee


Ya’ll know how much I like coffee—like LOVEEE coffee. Thankfully, I am fortunate to be able to travel + experience all types of coffee houses and roasters. I’m excited to share about my favorites here with you. Some i’ve been to for years and some I stumble upon — gratefully so!

What makes a great coffee experience?

  • the coffee. duhhh… the taste/balance of the beans and roasting need to be just right. I’ve omitted cream and sugar from my coffee (trust me it was a process lol) but now when I experience my coffee I can really taste so much more of the complexity in the roast/bean. however, the opposite is true as well…when the roast or bean is bitter + burnt etc…I can also taste it . 😝

  • the staff. people are everything and customer service can truly make or break the experience for me — I could (and probably will) spend a full post on this topic but for now….the staff + customer experience is everything— esp when dealing with coffee which leads to my 3rd point.

  • the environment. we can all agree spaces that feel like artwork + that are intentional are inspiring. they carry the power to evoke a new idea, initiate great conversation, and create memorable experiences for each guest that walk through the door.

First up, MARU COFFEE. A+++ all the way, in every category. The guest experience is extremely curated, from the design, art, dishware, and the food/beverages themselves. It’s a very special place, great for meetings or just to work solo. Be sure to stop in on ur visit to LA.

For those of you who are outdoors-ey you can check out Griffith Observatory hike beforehand which is about a 5 minute drive from the Los Feliz location :) Arts district location is also really dope but the parking can be challenging— leave extra time :)


1936 Hillhurst Ave., Los Angeles, CA
Mon—Sat   7—6  |  Sun   8—6

1019 S. Santa Fe Ave., Los Angeles, CA
Mon—Fri 7—5 | Sat—Sun 8—6

(photos courtesy of @marucoffeela. granola bowl only available at arts district location)