So I have a photoshoot tomorrow...

So I have a photoshoot tomorrow...

Who would have known that in 2019 we would need to have professional photoshoots every other day if we wanted to keep up with the flow of content creation. OOF!!! That reminds me — maybe I should put together a little tutorial for creating your own ‘professional’ looking content. For today at least, the theme is PREPARATION. I’ve put together 5 pre-photoshoot tips to help maximize your shoots and get THE BEST images possible!

5 pre-photoshoot tips to get the best images possible:


Preparation is key! And the more you are able to prepare leading up to a shoot the more confident you will feel during your session. By eliminating the worries wardrobe, styling, and posing you will be free to be YOU which is what the camera loves most :)

  1. Ask about the set up. Will you be shooting outdoors or in studio? What color will the background be?

  2. Once you have a better idea of what the surroundings will be, create a quick moodboard. I find Pinterest to be a GREAT resource to find creative inspiration and that’s easy to use.

  3. Use wardrobe inspiration from your Pinterest board, then check out your closet to see what types of wardrobe pieces fit closest to your moodboard.

  4. Study your materials and prepare ‘poses’ or ‘shapes’ that look best on you. I always recommend 10-15 different ones.

  5. Practice: Take pictures at home…have a friend help you or set your timer.

    BONUS TIP: once you find your poses ask yourself how can I add a ‘preparation’ or an entrance into this pose. Incorporating energy and movement adds so much life to the image.

Our next photoshoot will be in Los Angeles, CA July 21st! For more info and to reserve your spot check out our Eventbrite HERE.

ABP_NYC_NAT 0330.jpg

Here are a few images from a shoot I directed in NYC last week photographed by @alexbrinsonphotography. direction by me :)